Important note about 30 years of research & development 
and so-called “charges” for books and membership

In case you think “charges” are for me…They’re not.

Information is power but it carries powerful expenses. Information (especially spiritual information) should be free, but unfortunately, getting it to you is expensive on so many levels.

So far—including the past 30 years of research and development of this information—I've been carrying all costs.


Now, I must get the information to you. The information is free,  but getting it to you is, unfortunately, not free, for me or for you. These very expensive expenses must be covered, or the electric company, the phone company, the ISP, and the web server will pull the plug, not to mention all sorts of indirect expenses.


It's a great deal and it's every month.

This is a not-for-profit endeavor to change the world. I have NO rich contributors or benefactors. It is only I who have poured in a huge amount of money. Right now, there is no way I can arrive at a profit. I can only ask for help in the way of exchanging my intensive work for your tax-deductible contributions. (Many people seem to think that all of my books—some of which do not even appear here—have arisen overnight. Each one actually takes years to develop. Not an easy task.)


(Have to “pay” for this vital information is also a good test of your faith/trust in the information to resurrect your life to higher dimensions. You must understand that this information is the ONLY true way to GET UP AND OUT and it has been kept TOP SECRET for centuries. 


“Charges” will drop as more and more people believe,
and I will continue to have NO ADVERTISING on

The only way to save the world is to start with yourself AND save the world WE MUST! (Please note: There may be discounts available for financial hardship.)

Thank you all for your contributions so far. And please remember to like” blog posts, leave blog comments, add reviews on the reviews page, and  PLEASE SHARE AND SPREAD THE WORD.