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The Freemasons… Famous for being descendants of the equally famous Knights Templar who were persecuted by the Catholic Church for multiple heresies after having been given free reign of the Roman Empire and untold wealth. Many escaped persecution and changed to Freemasons who later founded the United States and still run the country to this day. The Templars’ wealth was believed to be hidden and lost, but the fact is, the Templar-Freemasons simply still have it: Many tons of GOLD!


While most people think The DaVinci Code movie (directed by Freemason Ron Howard with writer Dan Brown who also authored The Lost Symbol, centered around the Freemasons) is based on the book by Dan Brown (it is), it's far more than that. The movie is an extension and visualization of all the hidden clues buried in The DaVinci Code novel, and both parallel the true hidden codes of the so-called “Bible”.


After The DaVinci Code book was published, Dan Brown ran a contest to see if anyone could find a coded message in the dust jacket of the hardcover version of the book. There were some bolded letters which needed to be put together and then decoded. A fun exercise, but that's NOT where the hidden messages were really buried. The entire book is the message—including the title: The DaVinci CODE BOOK


Even the title is a misleading misdirection—a “red herring”.  The book has nothing to do with DaVinci (although there is more misdirection about that in the story.)


In the story, it is explained that Leonardo DaVinci coded his notes by writing “reversed”. But this word has more than one meaning: 1) “backward” as well as 2) “contrary” (to the usual meaning). This is a key idea, because as it turns out, Dan Brown is an English professor (as well as teaching other languages) and is expert in the multiple meanings of words. It is “contrary” writing that Dan Brown used throughout the book and movie to bury his secret codes to point to the same thing the so-called “Bible” points.


The “Bible” is a codex mapping out GØD and “Christ” and “Mary Magdalene” in the brain, and The DaVinci code is about a cryptex containing a coded map to information about “Christ” and “Mary Magdalene”. And in both cases,  it is impossible to discover the true meaning of the “reversed” writing—in The DaVinci Code AND the so-called “Bible”.


And it's not just what the story says, it's also what the story did NOT say. The main character, Robert Langdon, is supposed to be a professor of symbology (no such thing IRL), and yet he completely ignores an important symbol repeatedly discussed and staring him—and us—in the face (in the movie). This is where the movie especially complements the book. Even the illustrated version of the book doesn't show this very important symbol, but the movie does. This symbol ONLY exists in the brain and was clearly the idea of Freemason director Ron Howard.


This journal complements my other books. It is my documentation of my journey discovery and analysis of all the hidden visual and word clues in the combination of The DaVinci Code Book and The DaVinci Code Movie. You will see an undeniable conclusion: the Freemasons know about the Top Secrets of the Universe—GØD in the brain—and are keeping it secret.


251 Pages. NOTE: It will help a lot for the reader to have previously read The DaVinci CODE BOOK and to have seen The DaVinci Code Movie.



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