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“TRUE GØD RULES” has a triple meaning:
1) TRUE GØD’S principles of operation
2) TRUE GØD controls/directs/governs
3) TRUE GØD dominates as the best!


If money were the answer to better survival, how much would you be willing to pay for an unconditionally reliable, full-time, fail-safe source of total protection? Suppose using it would mean that nothing bad could ever happen to you again. What would that be worth to you? What would you be willing to sacrifice for that? For that matter, if you could be totally protected, what would you ever need? Think about that.


Suppose this new source of total protection were free? Would you still need money? Suppose you could never go hungry or without clothing or a roof over your head and you didn’t need to sacrifice your family life either.


What if you could not only get instant answers and protection in every situation, but get all the answers—from the meaning of life, to the nature of the Universe, to putting together a marketing plan that will knock your client’s socks off—whatever you wish.


What if answers could also take the form of creating any sort of happening in your life—promotions, creativity, success, health, joy, peace, soul mate? What if the answers could make anything happen, creating or changing reality anywhere on the planet. What if survival became a non-issue and life on Earth actually became fun because you didn’t have to worry about survival anymore?


Imagine you could have any dream come true. Imagine you had the equivalent of a “genie” granting an unlimited number of wishes. Imagine you knew how it all worked, so you could take control of the process and take control of your life. Imagine an easy life, with no problems and no fear so you could rest for the rest of your life—stress-free!


Sounds impossible? Sounds miraculous? It’s not. 


About 100 pages.



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